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The DAIS Brand Evolution

The time has come for the idea of branding to have its next evolution. Whether we acknowledge it or not, when a market becomes so saturated with a term that used to be quite a unique thing, ‘brand’, the value of it is becomes more fragmented and less understood. Today, anybody and everybody is using ‘brand’ as if there is a universal solution to branding, however brands are very unique things, as unique as the individuals that work within them and as unique as every individual.

To truly understand a brand, we must transcend beyond thinking of brands as a commodity. We need to go further and expect to understand brands more deeply so we can truly manage how they inspire process, behaviour and sustainable brands that build culture, engage people, markets, consumers and create community. To do that we have to stop listening to the word ‘brand’ and thinking of it as a veneer. It’s time that we ask deeper questions about what is a brand?

Fundamentally we believe brands are an identity – it’s who you are, who you want to be and more importantly who you could be to meet a market’s desire and need for your product or your service. So, what we’ve done and what we are doing at DAIS is opening the conversation and asking the harder question. So yes, you want a brand, but more importantly, what will your identity be? Within that identity there is one critical factor that must be found, distilled, understood and harnessed to create a sense of identity and therefore build a brand. And that is, what’s the idea? What is the one single thing that defines the idea behind why you exist, why you do what you do and why your people and your community subscribe to, connect to and champion your brand?

The value of the idea is the essence of what will live through your marketing assets, communication structures, websites, promotional materials, voice and behaviours that exist within your brand. Ultimately if managed correctly with consistency, clarity and singular devotion this idea will create an identity that others recognise as your brand. Brands today need to engage, excite, transform and connect with discerning audiences who are craving connection, aligned values, respect and a relationship, more than ever before.

In a world where everyone is a ‘brander’ and everyone is building brands, perhaps we need to shift gears and start understanding that a brand is made up of things. It’s made up of the clarity of identity and the power of the idea. That’s why DAIS is repositioning itself from brand strategy to identity & ideas, so that we can continue to evolve and elevate brands with responsibility.

DAIS distils your brand’s true identity, who you are, what you value and how you connect and bring it to life with unique ideas across marketing, design, creative, strategy and digital.

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