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The DAIS 2020 Mood Board

2020 has given us a new lens to look forward with & 20 memories we will always look back on

2020 changed the world completely and altered behaviours, processes, brands, how businesses operate and how we socialise. Throughout it all, the DAIS team worked together and with our clients to continually create, inspire and elevate brands. We’ve pulled together a list of 20 things – good, bad, challenging, inspiring and wacky – that defined our year at DAIS.

This is our 2020 mood board:

  1. We spent 250 hours on Zoom, Google Meet and Microsoft Teams & got creative with our zoom backgrounds!
  2. The team consumed 2,236 coffees (coffee helps with inspiration).
  3. 70 work from home days – give or take a few, we lost count in the end, but we were glad to be back in the DAIS office by July with new work-life flexibilities.
  4. Worked on 15 new websites – with everything switched to digital in almost an instant, our clients needed functional and ‘on brand’ websites to create an engaging digital presence.
  5. Using our passion and creativity during lockdown, we created and facilitated a project to inspire the next generation of school leavers despite the adverse conditions of 2020 – the Work From Home Experience. If you haven’t already, check out the website and Instagram account!
  6. 2,750 (Covid-safe) smarties were given to our clients, suppliers, partners, postmen, delivery drivers and even taxi drivers. Brands are built on processes and behaviours you love, and we continued to commit to ours despite the challenges.
  7. Supporting organisations was more important than ever this year and we used our resources to support a number of organisations this year.
  8. 13 DAIS brands launched into the market this year, some are new brands, some are evolved brands, but they are all elevated brands.
  9. We said goodbye to our loyal DAIS Director of Greetings (DOG), Mango, after 15 years of service. Much loved by many, he is missed every day.
  10. We worked with clients and suppliers who showed an inspiring level of kindness and faith to move forward with projects toward an uncertain horizon full of unknowns. Without their perseverance, courage and commitment, this year would have been so much harder. We are so grateful to all of you.
  11. We welcomed Button into the trainee position of DAIS Director of Greetings (Jr.DOG). He has many procedures and processes to master but he is up for the challenge and showing great improvement!
  12. We went through litres of hand sanitiser – always being Covid-safe.
  13. Worked on projects across 13 industry segments – wineries, 4WD products, adventure brands, finance and everything in between!
  14. We stopped to celebrate special moments – birthdays, DAIS anniversaries, R U OK? Day, project milestones and our fluffy family members.
  15. We made 220 of our signature DAIS coffees; when restrictions were lifted it was great to welcome our clients back into the studio with warm (socially distanced) hospitality (delicious coffee and smarties!).
  16. We crafted and elevated 28 brands and welcomed them into the DAIS family.
  17. Heard the phrase “Covid times” and “what a year” too many times to count (our guess is an average of at least 10 times a day).
  18. Our new office plants have been thriving, growing 60cm in 4 months!
  19. Our DAIS window – we projected animations onto our front window for 2,520 hours this year. If you haven’t seen it yet, drive past our office after 5pm for a DAIS Christmas animation show!
  20. We started our new 10 year passion project, bringing to fruition one new emerging brand each year with an innovation, initiative or technology with the potential to positively change our world by 2030. We selected Mel, a profit for purpose business with two distinct streams that support and empower women to flourish within their own communities. Stay tuned to hear more about this project soon!

Despite the challenges of 2020 we continued to put passion into everything we did, inspiring and creating every day. If this year has proven anything it is that if you love what you do, you will always find a way.

While 2020 was the year almost everything around us changed without our control, 2021 will be the year we take control back to make it the year we achieve our goals. Whether that is starting a new business, diversifying, adapting or shifting an existing business – brands will be a key part of that. With over 30 year’s experience we are experts in elevating new and existing brands and inspiring others to achieve their brand and business goals.

2020 has left us with new insights and a clearer view of what’s possible. We can all look back on this year and say we learnt something we never thought we could. Now it’s up to all of us together to take this gift and do something outstanding with it.

At DAIS, 2021 will be bigger, better, brighter and full of all kinds of ideas, projects and identities – stay tuned for our exciting announcements in the new year!

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