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Building a brand for success

What is a brand and how do you know the performance of yours?

Your brand is an investment that can deliver incredibly rewarding dividends for you, your people, your customers, and your community. Harvard Business Review discusses the importance of having a strong brand in the long-term success of a business. Sometimes we become so involved in what we do every day, that we simply can’t see our brand’s potential. An external perspective can often reveal the real value of what has already been built and the potential strategic branding opportunities.

Using our 30+ years of experience as strategic branding specialists, we developed our own brand health check that evaluates 10 key brand success triggers across five areas to identify your brand’s health.

What’s a brand health check?

Our brand health is a quick quiz of 10 questions, all you have to do is answer yes or no to each. It’s important to be honest when answering to get the most value out of the process and the brand performance report you will receive at the end.

Your strategic brand performance report will give you a better understanding of the strengths, opportunities, and challenges of your brand, and how to make incremental changes to improve your brand. As well as a total score out of 10.

Why is it important to check your brand?

We are passionate about brand and the value of building a brand as an asset to deliver a return on investment. Like any valuable asset to your business, it requires measurement and benchmarking to ensure its meeting performance standards and creates value for your business.

Clarifying what makes your brand different and shifting your marketing voice to express the benefits you deliver may help unlock new markets and unrealised customer opportunities.

Brands are behaviours that build relationships, both internally for your brand culture and externally with your customers, markets, and communities. You may have many of the big things right but focusing on the small things can have the biggest impact.

Your custom brand performance report will identify your improvement areas and provide top level recommendations as to how you can make improvements.

What do you get in the brand performance report?

Our custom brand performance report identifies your brand’s health and whether the five key brand benchmarks are a strength you should leverage to maintain momentum, a challenge to overcome to continue building a strong brand, or a clear opportunity to elevate your brand to new heights. The five key benchmarks include brand governance, brand structures, brand personality, brand culture, and brand management.

⁠It will also identify if you have any critical brand issues, like brand governance, as this can be a major barrier to growth and building value.

The report also includes important questions you should consider based on your brand health check score and identified areas of opportunity.

Branding is not a product, but a process of continual growth, learning, investment, and focus. To achieve brand leadership your brand needs to be a living and visible part of your everyday environment. This will shift your brand from an invisible to a visible form that you can see, hear, talk about, experience and measure. That’s where a brand strategy comes in.

How to complete the brand health check

Simply start our brand health check here, answer each question with ‘yes’ or ‘no’, enter your details to receive the report, and click submit. We will review your answers and send a brand performance report to you via email with your detailed results.

Start the next phase of building your brand’s value and take our brand health check today.

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