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Small but mighty digital solutions for your business

Small and medium-sized businesses have had to adopt digital solutions to adapt to changing circumstances and many have felt overwhelmed by the choices and worried about investing in the wrong digital tech. Digitisation is beneficial for all businesses and digital solutions that streamline and optimise time-consuming jobs are the most impactful and fundamental for a growing business.

Expensive technology may come to mind when you hear the word ‘digitisation’, however it is the small but mighty solutions that can make a big impact. These digital solutions can increase productivity, reduce costs, differentiate your brand in the market and even strengthen your advantage over competitors and are simpler than you think.

Here are our top three digital solutions:

  1. Marketing Automation
    There is a never-ending list of ways to automate almost everything, so it’s important for SME’s to focus on automating the processes that will benefit them the most. Marketing automation helps you communicate with your customers quickly, efficiently and always on brand via email, text or social media, cutting through your market and creating a personalised customer experience.Creating and deploying frequent marketing communications can be time-intensive and costly, automation gives you the opportunity to digitise this process and optimise your time to focus on your marketing strategy and business goals instead. It also allows you to communicate more with customers than you were able to before, building a stronger brand relationship.Marketing automation is known to be extremely effective and cost efficient making it ideal for SME’s who rely on customer experience to increase growth.Tip: Look at how you can add automated elements to your website too, think online contact forms and online bookings.
  2. Templatised Processes & Branded Templates
    Brands are built from the inside out meaning internal processes and communication impacts your brand reputation and how your market interacts with your brand. Templatised processes ensure consistent and branded communications, building your brand in the eyes of your customers and streamlining your day-to-day business operations.It may take extra time initially, but trust us, templatised processes ensure there is a consistent brand voice and personality across your entire business to build your brand’s position in the market and ultimately, make your life easier.So, if your internal documentation is a mess and your communication to the market is inconsistent this digital solution is for you.
  3. Cloud-based software
    Cloud software is valuable for business of all shapes and sizes as a cost-effective way to keep all your documents and data secure and giving you access anytime, anywhere.With your files safely in ‘the cloud’ and reduced use of paper, you’ll have more space and time to work on your business objectives, product development or your brand strategy. Digitising your files and systems will not only optimise your workday so you have more time to focus on the ‘big picture’, it will also streamline your day-to-day operations for both you and your team.
    So, consider implementing automated email marketing, branded templates or cloud technology as key digital solutions for your business before investing in high cost digitisation.

As digital marketing and brand experts, DAIS can provide strategic guidance, campaign creation and brand consulting across these digital solutions to optimise, streamline and elevate your brand to its full potential.

Come in for a DAIS coffee to learn how small changes, tailored to your individualised needs, can make a big difference to your marketing and brand strategy.

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