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Mattero was a new legal software brand that required a marketing strategy across digital and traditional channels to create a strong brand presence in the market. Additionally, the brand’s product offering is for sole legal practitioners and micro-practices and the campaign launched during the Covid-19 pandemic.


  • Build awareness of Mattero brand amongst key target markets to drive user traffic to website.
  • Develop an engaging personality, language and messaging frameworks for defined client profiles.
  • Demonstrate the campaign look and feel through conceptual designs ready to be activated.
  • Map and schedule key activity over a 12-month period (4 x 90-day sub-plans) across marketing channels.

Campaign Strategy

The 12-month marketing strategy involved a multi-channel approach  designed to be optimised with data, time and customer insights. Howver, due to the impacts of Covid-19, markets shifted. As a result, digital marketing channels became central to the campaign strategy. Specifically, launching with an initial 90-day campaign and content strategies for social media, website content and digital ads.

Campaign Concept

The master campaign concept, legal-life balance, appeals to the needs and wants of legal professionals in the desired target market. As well as, the changing behaviours associated with working remotely. It was also crafted as an adaptable campaign concept to engage a range of target markets and their differing persona types.

Market research & personas

Firstly, we conducted in-depth market research including stakeholder interviews, industry research and competitor analysis. Next, using these findings, we identified four target persona profiles and an aligned digital strategy for each. As a result, this informed the creation of digital ads, social content, blogs and landing pages to ensure an engaging campaign that attracted new leads.


With the first 90-day sprint completed, the digital marketing campaign has been highly successful at increasing brand awareness amongst key target markets and driving user traffic. Specifically, Mattero saw a 50% increase in new customers to their website and a significant number of leads into their sales funnel.



In summary, this initial digital campaign gave Mattero useful insights into their target markets, helping to optimise their budget and inform future campaign strategies. Additionally, as a new brand Mattero’s digital competitive position improved against their top competitors. So, they were able to claim a strong market position.

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