Amplify Your Brand Marketing Strategy with Automation

By September 17, 2020From the DAIS Studio

Your marketing strategy can only be as effective as the resources you have to create, deploy, measure and tweak it. Marketing automation is a key tool for businesses, both big and small, to improve customer experience, boost sales and streamline overall brand communications. It gives businesses the ability to automate, measure and improve marketing activities that are predictable and repetitive, enhancing both your marketing results and overall business operations.

Here are the top 5 ways you can amplify your marketing strategy with automation:

  1. Turbo charge your sales process
    Some days, there’s not enough time to communicate with every lead in your sales funnel and move them further along the sales process. Automation allows you to set marketing communications for every lead from initial exposure to payment, capturing potential leads that may have otherwise fallen through and allowing you to focus on turning those difficult leads into paying customers.
  2. Personalise your customer experience
    Customers want to have a personalised experience with their needs, wants and expectations all met in a seamless, timeless way that is ‘on brand’– not too much to ask right? Automating branded e-mail, text and direct message communications and personalising it with a customer’s name, behaviour, tastes and preferences is all possible with automation. This will not only create a curated customer experience, it will establish a meaningful brand relationship and ultimately increase sales.
  3. Track, report & analyse
    With built in reporting tools, marketing automation software programs track your campaign, return on investment and the overall effectiveness of your marketing communications. Statistics are powerful, giving insights into your customers, communications, products and strategy you would have otherwise not have known.
  4. Generate more predictability
    Data gives you the ability to deeply understand how different channels are performing, customer behaviours and importantly, build predictability into your sales pipeline. No matter what type of business you are, predictability will optimise your operations including supply chain management, sales processes, financial management, product development and marketing communications
  5. Create more time for strategy
    With repetitive and time-consuming tasks taken off your hands, abundant data and metrics to give you an enhanced understanding of your market, customers, products and brand, there’s more time to focus on the overall marketing strategy. The more you know and the more time you have to work on your strategy, the more creative, effective and successful your marketing strategy will be.

Automation amplifies your marketing strategy, so it is important to have an informed, creative and structured strategy that informs all your marketing communications. A great strategy is based on research and combined with strategic and creative thinking. So, when developing your next marketing strategy, consider using marketing automation to amplify the results!

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