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For more than 20 years, Fencepac has been leading the commercial and residential fencing industry however, they reached a point where their brand no longer reflected their strengths or their range of solutions. Specifically, the brand wasn’t reflecting their performance in the commercial sector now that they delivered some of Australia’s largest fencing projects. As a result, Fencepac required a brand development strategy to accurately position their brand in the market to reflect their industry performance and business strategy.

The brand development strategy needed to clearly communicate who they are, what they do, and how they think differently to offer a better, smarter way to deliver every project.


  1. Develop the brand’s positioning to be more visible in the marketplace and be recognised as a respected force in the industry.
  2. Establish a brand identity that articulates the brand’s capability, precision craftsmanship, quality product and tier-one clientele.

Brand Development

Fencepac’s products and construction approach is focused on delivering a finished product with uncompromising precision, this defines the result, and the result defines their reputation for excellence.
Development of their new brand involved taking cues from the very nature of Fencepac’s services, to literally define a project’s borders. There was also a need to build into their new brand a sense of structure, safety and visual appeal to their identity, just like they do with their fencing.

Brand structure

We defined the structure of their brand and developed a brand language and tools to help them identify, communicate, and bring clarity to the true value that is offered by their complete range of services.
Fencepac - Branding example
Fencepac - Branding example
Fencepac - Branding example
Fencepac - Website example

Visual Identity

The stencil style from their previous logo was retained, but given a stronger, more contemporary feel. Importantly, the bold orange and grey colour palette signifies high-visibility and safety. We also designed a full suite of collateral and stationery, including a suite of modular tendering documentation. This ensured consistency of brand through everything their customers see, touch and experience.
Fencepac - Branding example
Fencepac - Letterhead example
Fencepac - Business cards
Fencepac - Brochure example


With a resolved structure and a brand identity that clearly communicates their value proposition, Fencepac was able to claim their leading market position.
After this project we also worked with Fencepac to develop and sustain their brand process, using their new brand as a strong foundation to construct their future success.
Are you looking to develop your brand’s position in the market? We’re a Brisbane branding agency with expertise in branding, strategy, digital and marketing. We’re open for tricky, exciting, and even clever business, so don’t hesitate to connect with us.

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