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To launch into the market and position the brand for future expansion both in Australia and globally, All Woman Intimates required a unique brand voice and strategy. It was key that this new brand had a focus on empowerment by celebrating women’s sensuality.


  • Create a unique and memorable brand identity that can be trademarked to position the brand for future global expansion.
  • Differentiate the brand within cluttered and competitive lingerie market to establish competitive position.
  • Build brand culture, personality and voice to create a community to engage and empower the target market.
Evellier Elegant Intimates logo
Hands holding black Evellier Elegant Intimates box creating a distinct brand voice

Brand creation

To launch into the market, it was clear the brand required a sophisticated, sensual and aspirational brand identity that exuded elegance and appealed to the key clientele.

Inspired by symbols of femininity and design – Eve, the original woman, elle – the French pronoun for she, and atelier – a private studio, we created the name Evellier. It also means ‘to awaken’ in French. The brand promise intimately exquisite works internally and externally, ensuring the brand delivers and customers gain a reawakening of their womanhood through exquisite products that are intimately theirs.

Evellier Elegant Intimates black tag collateral design

Visual identity

Using modern and refined typography, based on a typeface invented in Paris, and a sleek black colour palette, the visual identity is timeless and sophisticated across Australian and international markets.

Brand voice & personality

The brand personality is focused on elegant sophistication, using indiscreet and charming language in campaign execution to empower women and develop lasting relationships with clientele.

the most erotic thing a man can do for a woman is to understand her

“We are a marketplace that has come at a considerable investment, but it has all been worth it. We have also attracted interest in both Paris and the UK and next steps will be to launch EvellierSwim at the end of this year and Evellierblack within the next 12 months. I have been so busy but just wanted to say thank you for inspiring me and giving me a beautiful brand. It has been so well received."
‐ Katy Dixon, Director & Founder Evellier
Evellier Elegant Intimates website which shows the brand voice


With a distinct and engaging brand voice and personality Evellier has established their position in the market as an elegant and empowering brand. Since launching their new brand, Evellier has seen substantial growth and global expansion, now being based in the USA and attracting interest in both Paris and UK markets.

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