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AVCAIR is a private luxury aviation brand founded by Australia’s oldest flying family who had reached a point in their business evolution where they needed strategic branding advice. With a complex business ecosystem, they required a brand architecture that clarified their solutions, informed their corporate structures, and positioned them for future growth and expansion. As well as this, creating an engaging brand narrative that connects with their high-wealth market and builds a strong employer value proposition were key to this project.


  1. Be strategic. Develop a brand ecosystem that creates complete visibility and understanding across core, associated, sub-brands and joint venture brands.
  2. Be understated. Establish a refined and timeless visual standard that is impervious to trends and fashion.
  3. Be agile. Communicate directly in the tone of voice of the customer, aligning to their desires and requirements in a way that they value and understand.
  4. Be holistic. Provide a seamlessly interwoven suite of services and solutions that are built on a rare foundation of capabilities, processes and devotion to reliability and safety.

Brand story

The key part of their brand story was to create meaning in the ‘AVCAIR’ name that connects with ‘who’ they are and their delivery of aviation with certainty and impeccable reliability. The brand promise aviation.excellence explains their expertise in aviation and their non-negotiable standard of excellence, creating clear positioning of the value to all stakeholders.

Development of brand identity
Brand colour strategy by brand strategy consultancy DAIS
Images of aircrafts with luxury aviation brand Avcair
Luxury office location for aviation brand Avcair
Avcair Aviation Group designed by brand strategy advisors DAIS

Brand strategy & architecture

The founders have a strong family history in aviation, and it was important to weave this into the brand strategy to create a connection between the brand and the founder. We mapped the AVCAIR business ecosystem to create clarity and a structure for future growth and expansion across exclusive and commercial services, as well as experience and aviation solutions. Differentiating the sub-brands involved new technical descriptors, solutions streams and altered colour palettes, as well developing credentials for each to establish credibility of the AVCAIR Aviation Group brand.
“The consultation with DAIS included a top to bottom holistic and detailed review of all 'present state' branding, marketing material, website design, collateral, services rendered, and company structure. AVCAIR then worked closely with DAIS to establish a 'future state' identity, with these same key areas re-established and redesigned.“
‐ Phil Everitt, Chief Operating Officer AVCAIR

Brand Identity

Taking their existing logo we crafted the letters to be refined and sleek, and shaped wing elements into the ‘A’ and ‘R’ for a sophisticated nod to their core expertise – aviation. The colour system chart was developed to identify how colour varies between the entity brand, experience and commercial brands.

Colour brand strategy - black
Colour brand strategy - silver
Colour brand strategy - gold

“What was most impressive is their sense of adventure and spirit, tightly controlled by strong knowledge and experience. Thus allowing AVCAIR to imagine and indeed execute our next phase of company branding. The progress of this project has created some monumental and significant work that AVCAIR has found incredibly beneficial to maturing and re-engaging the business with its industry, customers and employees alike.”

– Phil Everitt, Chief Operating Officer AVCAIR
campaign development for luxury aviation brand Avcair

Campaign language

Communicating the personalisation of AVCAIR’s services and the level of exclusivity and luxury they deliver was key to building the brand’s personality. Using key value drivers and a play on words, we developed the campaign “Excellence. Air-crafted just for you.”. This language can be deployed across their range of services by simply changing the first word to the key value driver of that target market – privacy, luxury, reliability, certainty.

wing pattern design brand visual identity DAIS

Visual identity

Inspired by the shape of a wing, we developed a graphic device to be used as their visual identity. The flexibility of the visual identity means it could be used for corporate collateral and campaigns, as well as repeated as a pattern for wallpaper and signage.

private aviation lounge identity for Air Lounge One

Private lounge brand

Part of this project involved creating a new brand for AVCAIR’s private air lounge. Using part of the brand name, family history of the owners’ great grandfather obtaining the 11th pilot’s licence in Australia, we crafted the name Air Lounge One. This also positions the brand as exclusive, private and delivering first class service. Combined with a gold colour palette and brand promise experience.excellence this brand is crafted to evoke luxury excellence.

Commercial aviation solutions brand One One Air

Commercial services brand

We also developed a commercial brand for their medical, logistics and mining services. With a similar approach to Air Lounge One, we used part of the brand name ‘air’ and the family’s history with licence 11, or one one, to create the name One One Air. Technically described as Contract Aviation Solutions, service offerings distilled as Ambulance, FIFO, and Cargo with a bold colour palette positions these brands in the commercial aviation space.


The brand strategy project gave AVCAIR significant clarity and direction in their business evolution and enabled them to reconnect with their brand, customers and employees. With a refocused brand architecture, engaging brand narrative and evolved identity AVCAIR is ready to implement their new brand strategy and grow their business. We are working with the AVCAIR team to roll out their new brand across corporate collateral, website, signage and social media.

In 2023, AVCAIR was placed number 30 in The Australian Financial Review‘s Fast 100 List for their growth and evolution as a business and a brand.

Billboard campaign direction - luxury air-crafted just for you
elegant business card for luxury aviation brand Avcair
sophisticated brochure for luxury aviation brand Avcair

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