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Paddle Australia is Putting the Paddler in the Picture

Paddle Australia has invested in their brand, to create a bright future for Paddling in Australia and brilliant athletes like Jessica Fox.

Congratulations to Jessica Fox for achieving her sporting dream of winning an Olympic Gold Medal for Canoe Slalom! As an ambassador for Paddle Australia, she has shown great authenticity and passion in her alignment of the Paddle Australia brand.

DAIS worked with Paddle Australia in 2016 to achieve their dream of building a brand that fosters the growth of the sport of paddling, creates leaders and connects with the community. Jessica Fox is a brilliant athlete and ambassador who leads and empowers others, connects the community to the sport of paddling and will support the growth of paddling globally.

Paddling Australia’s brand theme is ‘Put the paddler in the picture’ and is weaved throughout Paddle Australia’s brand language, personality, and visual identity – look at their brand logo and discover the paddle in the picture.

Paddle Australia has lived their theme by supporting and promoting athletes like Jessica Fox and gaining brand recognition and exposure from both the Australian and global sporting communities.

Congratulations to Jessica Fox and Paddle Australia on achieving such great success, there is an exciting future ahead for!

With over 30 years’ experience building brands like Paddle Australia, we offer a suite of services that will elevate your brand to achieve your business goals and dreams. Connect with us to start your brand journey.

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