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Our Favourite Creative Solutions During Covid-19

National and global crises have been the catalyst for creative and innovative businesses, technology, campaigns and even ways of thinking, throughout history. At DAIS, we are passionate about creative problem-solving and believe creativity is key to the most innovative and successful solutions. So, we’ve gathered our favourite creative ideas to come out of Covid-19 – some are innovative business ideas that are helping the world function in the ‘new normal’, others are inventive campaigns that support restrictions.

Healthcare from your couch
With people all over the world isolated and quarantined in homes, hospitals and hotels, accessible and online healthcare has never been more important. TytoHome was created to deliver healthcare on demand anywhere, anytime. Patients can use attachments to perform clinic-quality self-examinations, the device then connects them with a physician for a telehealth visit to assess results and symptoms. A clever solution to reducing social contact while still being able to access the medical services we all need. Who knows, in-clinic check-ups may be a thing of the past sooner than we think!

Image Reference: Burger King via Twitter

Eat burgers and social distance
Burger King has released two brilliant and brand-centric promotions to support social distancing requirements. The social distancing crown is designed to keep customers at 6 feet apart when dining at their restaurants. It is only available at German Burger Kings and is a nod to their brand as the ‘King’ of burgers and the meaning behind ‘corona’ being crown. Simple yet effective.

Image Reference: campaignsoftheworld.com

Second is the ‘social distancing whopper’, with triple onions it is promoted as a way to keep others away from you. So, you can eat a burger, and keep with social distancing restrictions? Sounds like a win-win to us! The special edition burger is only available at Italian Burger Kings but with the stench of onion breath being universal, we think it would work almost anywhere.

Burger King supporting the covid-19 restrictions through their brand identity and offerings is not only innovative and timely but positions them as supporters of the community.

The Unofficial Netflix campaign that will keep you at home
In response to the stay at home restrictions, students from Miami Ad School created an unofficial Netflix campaign to force people to stay at home in the best way they know how – spoilers. The campaign used spoilers from Netflix’s most popular TV shows and put them on billboards, transport signs and other outdoor signage in high-traffic areas. The tagline ‘Because if the virus doesn’t stop you from going out, the spoilers will’ echoes the intent of the campaign and seriousness of the restrictions.

Although this campaign may never be released by Netflix, it is a clever use of their brand identity and positioning to support the community.

Watch the campaign video here:

Shop on your favourite street, virtually
Steetify is bringing the street shopping experience to consumers through a virtual storefront e-commerce platform. Users can ‘walk’, or scroll, up and down their selected shopping street, look at the virtual storefronts and enter the store’s Streetify website. When stores have been forced to close due to Covid-19, Streetify is encouraging consumers to support brick and mortar shops instead of the global online-only brands. Store owners are also being given free access to Streetify’s platform and can advertise special offers and stock and delivery information on their virtual storefronts. It’s a unique way to give retail businesses a globally accessible platform and for customers to get close to the feeling of shopping on their favourite street.

Despite the world locking down, creativity has soared. Tech start-ups established brands and students have given us just some of the creative solutions we have seen so far. At DAIS, we love seeing ideation in action and hope this surge of creative solutions continues post Covid-19.

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