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Love that Lamb ad… and its total lack of sheepish humility

Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA) has released their annual summer ad for 2021 and it is brilliant and cleverly tongue-in-cheek. The ad takes place in 2031 in a dystopian Australia where large concrete walls divide the states and territories. That is, until the smell of a delicious lamb chop is too good to resist and Aussies from all over the country break down the walls to share lamb together around a BBQ.

So, how have these infamous annual ads impacted Australian Lamb’s brand?

When a brand maintains a consistent personality and is built on one simple yet clearly disruptive idea, it can live forever. How many years have we been watching these annual summer lamb ads? And been buzzing with excitement and conversations afterwards?

Once a brand finds and embraces its one big idea, it becomes agile enough to flex, bend and adapt its tone and message to engage the desires of every new generation and societal frequency. It can inspire us to accept its relevance by showing us it’s one of us and can give us what we really want. What we often want isn’t just the actual product but more what the brand represents or enables us to feel.

Those who try and compete without this level of clarity and commitment to having a brand built on that one big idea will always be out played, out sold and out witted. The brilliance of this campaign’s longevity is its simplicity, but that comes from a deep commitment and the endless energy it has taken to discover it and then to stay true to it in every way and every time.

The new Australian Lamb ad comes jammed packed with juicy messages seasoned in the flavours of today for everyone to enjoy. Every time you see the ad you may find something new, some small nuance that you can relate to, but the main idea is always the same and as it has always been…. to share lamb and celebrate Australia together.

Watch the full ad below, Happy Lamb season!

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