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How important are trust brands in 2021? Roy Morgan’s Most Trusted Brands Revealed

Roy Morgan has released their 2021 Risk Monitor report which identifies the most and least trusted brands by Australians in 2021 – a time of uncertainty and snap lockdowns. Building a relationship of trust with your market is key to the success and longevity of your brand.

So, let’s take a look at the results and what it takes to be a trust brand.

Roy Morgan’s most trusted brands of 2021

During lockdowns, restrictions, COVID normal and everything in between supermarkets are the brands that have remained consistent, reliable, and trusted. So, it’s no surprise Woolworths, Coles and ALDI are in the top 5 most trusted brands this year – customers have been craving stability and these brands have delivered.

In a year that has seen less planes in the sky than most of us can remember, Qantas has ranked as the no.5 most trusted brand – a true testament to the strength of a trust brand.  The Qantas brand has gone beyond their key service of air travel, aligning with their customer’s values to create a powerful brand connection.

Roy Morgan’s least trusted brands of 2021

When controversies reveal a brand’s values and these do not align with those of their customers and target markets, the brand loses trust. Amazon and Rio Tinto are some of the least trusted brands of 2021, both being involved with significant controversies this year. Trust is powerful but distrust is even more powerful. The brands we support have become a reflection of who we are, so how customers feel about your brand is vitally important to whether they trust you or not.

What is a trust brand?

Brands that understand who they are and are passionate about delivering to their brand promise can build trust relationships with their markets. Without trust, you cannot expect modern consumers to connect to your brand or your products. Trust brands know who they are and are passionate about consistently delivering on their brand promise, to create emotional, valued, and strategic relationships with their market that will see them succeed long term.

How to build a trusted brand

Becoming a trust brand requires a commitment to strategy and behaviours that sustainably engage and disrupt. It’s about a commitment to providing something that surprises and delights others and shows your infectious passion for what you do – doing what isn’t expected to go above and beyond your brand promise.

Before you can start on the process of building a trust brand, you must first understand who you want to be as a brand and why, and then make a promise around that. With 30 years’ experience crafting brands that know who they are and connect with customers, we are experts in building trust brands. Discover our approach and range of services and let’s solve together.

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