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Creative Types – What’s Yours?

The DAIS team recently stumbled upon a fun quiz from Adobe that explores what kind of creative type you are based on a range of questions from the straightforward (Dip your toes or dive in head first?) to the more obscure (Are you a fortune cookie or a birthday cake?). Based on psychological research, Adobe developed the quiz as a way to “assesses your basic habits and tendencies – how you think, how you act, how you see the world – to help you better understand who you are as a creative”.

It created a buzz throughout the studio to find out each other’s results and how close the summaries were to our actual personalities. Whose results were more introverted vs extroverted? Analytical or intuitive? Idealist or realist? Check out the results of some of our team members!

The Thinker – Jack

  • Strengths in intellectual curiosity and ability to find and create meaning
  • Gifts in sense of wonder and depth of perception
  • Inquisitive mind
  • Ideal Collaborator = The Adventurer

The Dreamer – Sarah

  • Strength in connection to emotions, imagination, empathy and sensitivity
  • Where others see facts, dreamers see symbols, metaphors and hidden meanings
  • Vivid imagination
  • Ideal Collaborator = The Innovator

The Maker – Mataya

  • Strength in focus and dedication, with the ability to achieve mastery
  • Masters the art of manifesting ideas and visions in 3D form
  • Driven by tangible results
  • Ideal Collaborator = The Visionary

The Artist – Jodie

  • Strength in ability to bring ideas and concepts to life
  • Full of ideas and visions
  • At home in a state of flow
  • Ideal Collaborator = The Producer

The Creative Types Quiz also had us delving further into the effects that different personalities and creative types have on the work we produce. The DAIS studio has a variety of different creative types which allows us to contribute different insights, views, and ideas to create more innovative, inspiring work. For example, with the idealism of a Dreamer grounded by the pragmatic solutions of an Innovator or a Visionary’s soaring imagination delivered with the focus and dedication of a Maker, the possibilities are endless.

Whilst we can’t rely on an internet quiz to summarise our personalities with 100% accuracy, it’s fun to get a glimpse at how different traits and choices shape how we think and create.

Now it’s your turn to try the quiz! Creative Types Quiz. How accurate was your result? Agree or disagree with your creative type? Let us know your thoughts: info@dais.com.au.

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