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The DAIS Book of Colour – 9th in our ten year series

The ‘DAIS Book of…’ series is our passion project, written and designed annually by the DAIS team as a personal thank you to our clients and supporters. With our tenth and final book being released very soon (stay tuned for more!), we’re flashing back to the 2018 DAIS Book of Colour.

Colour permeates and influences all aspects of our daily lives. It affects our moods, how we dress, the art we like and the language we speak. So, it was only natural for us as a brand and design agency to explore this theme for our ninth studio book.

The Book of Colour is bursting at the seams with each of the 24 spreads a different colour spanning the rainbow and taking the reader on a journey full of interesting ideas, brand insights, games and challenges. And, because DAIS likes to do things a little differently, the pages aren’t just colourful and bright…they can also be brought to life! Using the HP Reveal augmented reality app, select pages of the book can be activated to reveal fun animations, imagery and links you can interact with by using your smartphone.

The book cover, in stark juxtaposition, features custom black and white illustrations of iconic Brisbane destinations, surrounding flora and fauna, hints of brands that DAIS has created over the years and so many other hidden gems. The book is also paired with coloured pencils to fill in the drawings to create a unique colour-me-in cover.

We’re always thrilled when we get our hands on the final printed book each year and even more excited when it is well received by others. The 2019 BADC Awards saw the book take out a bronze medal in the self-promotion category (interactive) as well as nominated as a finalist for the AGDA Awards in the publication category, which is a fantastic achievement for the studio.

You can explore the DAIS Book of Colour pages on our Behance blog here. Enjoy!

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