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An existing brand, Candle Co, were looking to rebrand with a vibrant and bold name and identity that could be owned as a trademark, and a fresh brand personality. As a business in the candle and décor space it was important their new brand differentiated them in the market and connected to their customers to drive community.


  1. Own. Develop an ownable brand identity that claims clear market positioning in the decor market.
  2. Create. Build an approach to language, attitude and tone of voice that connects to the target audience.
  3. Grow. Build a brand strategy that will connect with multiple target markets to support future business growth and expansion.

Naming Strategy

The new name needed to not only be clear from a trademark perspective but be built around a strong concept that connects to their customers and communicates their value proposition. With an incredible colour and style range and customer service focused on finding the perfect products for their customer’s needs, we identified that their customers are ‘seeking style’ in décor products that match their idea, vision and tone, or their ‘hue’. Combining these two concepts and adjusting the spelling to be ‘Hueseeka’ we created the new name.

Brand Personality

A vibrant and dynamic brand promise of ‘brighten boldly’ works to communicate their difference in their products, their service and their ability. With a bold attitude and vibrant colour palettes, the brand personality is modern, exciting and with a little bit of cheek.

Brand Experience

From social media and email marketing to packaging design and team engagement, we demonstrated how this cheeky attitude and bold personality could come to life across the entire brand experience.

Brand Positioning

To keep the equity of ‘Candle Co’ and build a transition strategy to the new brand, we repurposed the existing name in the technical descriptor with an addition, creating ‘candle & décor co.’. Combined with streams to identify how their products can be used across different occasions, we were able to strengthen their market positioning by expanding their offering beyond just candles.


The new brand personality, language, tone and vibe has been completely embraced by the team and brought new energy to the business. With an ownable name and an exciting brand identity, Hueseeka successfully launched their new brand across website, social media, signage and packaging in September 2023.

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