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DAIS 2019 Resolutions

New Year, New Me
Each new year creates the perfect chance to start fresh and make a list of resolutions. This year we’re making some resolutions of our own based on our successes and what we’d like to improve on from 2018.

Work life balance
Are you a morning person? Or a night owl who powers through until midnight? We’ll be trialling more flexible working hours to capture times of peak creativity and enhance our work-life balance. And with a talented new creative in our team, 2019 will see our workload spread across a larger studio team to give us more time to fulfil our next resolution: share more of what we do.

Sharing is caring
What we do, who and what inspires us, our thoughts, ideas, opinions. We want to make our online platforms a place where you can see what makes our studio tick. From imagery that inspires a brand to the strategy and design processes behind our ideas, make sure to keep an eye on our socials!

Let’s get deep
We love to fully engage and partner with our clients for the long haul. Really getting to know their business and adding value across internal comms, marketing campaigns, IP, digital applications and collateral alignment…now that’s the kind of project we love diving into!

Think bigger
Thinking Big and Being More in everything we do, aspire to be and what we take on. That includes being brave enough to be introspective and to question if we could be giving more to others, improving our internal processes and willing to accept disruptive change with a positive mindset.

Collaborate to innovate
Our final resolution is make time for fun – whether it’s enjoying Friday afternoon gatherings, heading out for team activities or sharing our creative passions with our community, the DAIS team will be getting out there and being seen!

What’s on your resolutions list for 2019?

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