Seneworth Legal Partners

By June 20, 2017From the DAIS Studio

Seneworth Legal Partners are intellectual property specialists. They advise, secure and manage everything needed to establish, protect and develop the intellectual property assets of businesses and individuals.

Intellectual property or IP is a vital component of any brand, it covers the broad spectrum of intangible property that is developed from any creative or intellectual work. If something is worth creating, it’s most likely an asset, and if a brand is to have value, there is a need to own and safeguard this IP as it’s what defines a unique position in the market.

Seneworth brings new thinking to the table to help their clients harness, secure and protect the value of their IP assets including advice on brands, designs, patents, trademarks, licencing and legal structures.

Previously operating as a single lawyer under his own name, Seneworth’s business had grown to the point where he needed to consider evolving a brand that had the ability to be separated from the individual. DAIS developed a new name, overarching brand strategy as well as a core stationery package. The new name came from the idea of the worth & value that IP provides and that it’s worth getting right, securing, protecting and leveraging. If it’s worth creating, it’s worth protecting.