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McConaghy logo concepts

Delivering a new and exciting brand strategy in partnership with McConaghy Properties – a business that knows itself and above all else seeks clarity in the complex and a deeper dimension to every perspective of their business.

McConaghy branding concepts

The Idea

The idea that shapes a brand strategy is born when you least expect it, often hidden in the most peculiar spaces, and found in the detail of unexpected moments to be uncovered in sideways thoughts or uncommon questions. For McConaghy, this idea is centred around 3 dimensional translucent thinking.

Our idea was to embrace their form through dimensions.

McConaghy branding concepts
McConaghy branding concepts
McConaghy branding concepts
McConaghy branding concepts
McConaghy branding example
McConaghy branding concepts

From idea to reality

Creating brands by design, not chance. Strategically driven to create a crafted reflection that captures the heart of who McConaghy already are.

With an appetite to explore, prototype, play, perfect and meticulously craft in ways you might not expect. This brand project is centred around McConaghy’s unwavering dedicated to always deliver ‘real value’.

McConaghy Properties logo
McConaghy logomark

For People

A newly crafted identity built on equity and a culture proud of its values. A brand that always has been and always will be…for people.

Visualised in so
many ways

McConaghy Properties was an established business of 50 years, looking to expand and grow with a new generation. The brand required a unique brand identity to reflect their business philosophy and history, establish organisational clarity and a culture that drives aligned business growth. McConaghy Properties’ new brand and three-dimensional translucent visual identity has come to life on web and through signage, brochures, livery and internal engagement pieces.

McConaghy Properties - Case Study
McConaghy Properties - Case Study
McConaghy branding example
McConaghy vehicle wrap mock up

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