Piptree – Early Learning

By May 24, 2017From the DAIS Studio

Piptree is a group of early learning centres operating across south Brisbane. For a number of years they had been operating effectively as four independent centres, all with their own distinct individual local identities. In a highly saturated market, this limited the way they could tell their story and profile the unique way they care for and educate children.

Moving forward, they needed a way to connect, bridge and identify themselves as a brand with a defined philosophy to claim a clear space in the market that allowed for greater recognition and growth. Working with the group, DAIS defined ‘who’ they would be as a brand and every detail of how this would be communicated from both an internal and external perspective.

The process included the development of the new name: Piptree that could be lodged and owned as a trademark, the new identity, brand marketing collateral and most importantly a brand behaviour manual that would guide the day-to-day performance of the Piptree team. As a whole, this instilled a new approach and way of thinking which enabled them to consistently deliver on their brand promise ‘Begin to Blossom’ and brand theme ‘It’s the little things that matter”.

The brand theme underpinned the strategy and also the brand name as it’s the little things such as seeds or “pips” that can develop into something significant like a tree. It is also the little things a brand can evidence through performance that make people feel nurtured and cared for, as brands are built on perception but influenced by what people see, hear, read, experience and observe.

The brands ethics were also redefined and a new language developed to communicate how they give children a place to play, learn and grow. Piptree inspires their children, understands their families and engages with their community to create a collaborative environment aligned to create a brighter future. They go the extra mile to ensure their children flourish and love their time at Piptree to have the best early year’s foundation as possible through a child–centred development and structured learning approach. A philosophy that is further reinforced by their new brand campaign language “Let’s Grow Together”.

The launch of the Piptree brand was exciting and has made an impact in the market. The DAIS creative work for Piptree has also been recognised as the recipient of a PICA (Printing Industry Craftmanship Award).

Discover more about Piptree story by visiting www.piptree.com.au